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Is Love a Noun that can  or wouldn’t be shifted into Verb?

25 Aug

They say, “Love moves in mysterious ways”.

But may I ask, does love just happens or does a person makes a conscious decision to start it?

If it does comes naturally, how does one know for sure?

With clarity, some would say, “take a risk” in love so you’d know.

So does that mean, love is not natural? That it need some ‘push’ to be realized?

If then, can love be controlled?

To whom? And ’til when? Or to simply not make it an option?

Is love a noun, only to describe a conscious feeling or decision? 

Or is love a verb, that acts as it is, where one would embrace it or not?



27 Mar

Not everything in life will be handed to you exactly how you envisioned it. They came tarnished, revised or totally different.

You wanted a promotion, you get fired.
You pray for your ideal man, you get a “usual” guy.
You hoped for a “yes”, you get a “no”.
You wish she acknowledges you, you are ignored.
It goes on…

But, hey.

Since people are occasionally in seek of a challenge or a thrill, you should accept this. Make the most out of it. The hard path is more likely your thing if this is the case.

But… No.

It would be hard because challenges or thrills or adventures are taken as travels of one place to another,
Or taken as exotic experiences may it be food or life threatening activities.

You see,

Adventures would be seen in a lighter and fulfilling way
If they are taken as journeys
from revolt to acceptance
Or from chaos to peace
Or from hatred to love.

These are more worthy of a risk.
These are more remembered by others.
These would likely be your salvation.
This is living.


Let’s take the real challenges, my friends. And “the” adventure of a lifetime.