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Liwanag sa Dilim

14 Jan

Ang mga bituin sa langit, unti-unti akong nilalamon ng kanyang kahiwagaan

Nakamamangha ang kinang na dulot ng kanyang kamatayan

Ang mga bituin na napapalibutan ng kadiliman, ng kanyang hangganan

Sa kanyang katapusan, minulat ka sa mga pangarap na mahirap simulan

Ngunit masarap isipin, pag-laruan, palaguin at pilit na gustong abutin

Hindi madali sa ilalim ng bituin, kung saan ang maliit na dumi ang laging napapansin

Hindi madali kung ang bawat pausbong na liwanag na binuhay ng pangarap, kikitisin ng taong nilamon ng dilim

Hindi madali na makita ang kinang ng pumanaw ng bituin kung nakapiring kang titingin

Hindi madali magpakawala, kalimutan ang mga humahadlang, ng mga boses na pumipigil para makita ang liwanag na meron sa gabing madilim

Mahirap maniwala kung sarado ang paniniwala na sa kawalan, may kinang pa ding masisilip, may pag-asa kahit katiting

Mahirap pero pipiliin pa ding magpasakop sa silaw ng mga bituin.


Life at 20s

13 Jan

Life at 20s is like a clock that stops ticking

It’s hoping you get the time to figure things out before it takes over

It’s dreaming that you stay younger but wiser

It’s believing it’s okay to wander, that you’ve got time to wonder

It’s learning you are not as capable as others

It’s doubting the goals you set to reach your dreams

Its promising the world they’d look for you on a google search (because, why not?)

It’s contradicting yourself because you second-guess

It’s exploring the world and comparing them to the books and lectures you have been told

It’s procrastinating while your mind plan a future

It’s a life you never want to end because it gives you hope

that mistakes may still be forgiven

that excuses might still be accepted

that you are still someone who can afford to fail and still be accepted

where the world is still lenient

And yet, the clock is never still…

It will be recharged and the hands will continue to move

Even then, time knows no bound

20s will be 30s, and so on…

Life goes on.

Red and Bleak

4 Jun

It happened so #fast

It was a #blur

All was #bleak

But you, the lone #color
You see, I ignored the signs

And man, you made me blind

You took away my heart

I was empty and free
Now i see, 

you stole the fire in me

Alas! I was that color

(You traitor!)


But I won’t give chase

Please, go on keep my color

I hope you blend with it
My fire, although defused

Will be lit, don’t be confused

‘Cause my heart, it multiplies
There will come a time

When this bleak world would be lit


27 Mar

Not everything in life will be handed to you exactly how you envisioned it. They came tarnished, revised or totally different.

You wanted a promotion, you get fired.
You pray for your ideal man, you get a “usual” guy.
You hoped for a “yes”, you get a “no”.
You wish she acknowledges you, you are ignored.
It goes on…

But, hey.

Since people are occasionally in seek of a challenge or a thrill, you should accept this. Make the most out of it. The hard path is more likely your thing if this is the case.

But… No.

It would be hard because challenges or thrills or adventures are taken as travels of one place to another,
Or taken as exotic experiences may it be food or life threatening activities.

You see,

Adventures would be seen in a lighter and fulfilling way
If they are taken as journeys
from revolt to acceptance
Or from chaos to peace
Or from hatred to love.

These are more worthy of a risk.
These are more remembered by others.
These would likely be your salvation.
This is living.


Let’s take the real challenges, my friends. And “the” adventure of a lifetime.