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The Getting-to-know-each-other Stage

11 Dec

Gusto kitang makilala, ang sabi mo.

Tara, usap tayo, ang sabi ko.

“Kumusta ka na?”
“Ok lang…”

Ok nga lang kaya?

Nasilayan ko ang ngiti mo sa facebook
Sa tingin ko, wala ka namang pinagdadaanang pagsubok
Nag-umagahan ka na ba?
Siguro masiyahin kang talaga.

Nabasa ko ang update mo sa twitter,
Mukhang hindi ka naman bitter.
Lunch na, kain ka na.
Siguro nakamove on ka sa ex mo.

Nakita ko ang mga lugar na napuntahan mo sa instagram,
Marahil ikaw ay malaya ; walang agam -agam.
Gabi na, nakakain ka na ba?
Siguro, masaya kang kasama.

Paano Kung sabihin ko sayo na ako’y higit pa sa mga sinabi mo.
Na ako’y higit pa sa mga haka-haka mo.
Mga haka-hakang mula sa labas na anyo.
Anyong pinili ko, sinalat ko.
Pagkataong para lang sa mata ng mundo
Pero hindi ang “ako” sa mata ng iilang Tao
Mga taong Handa akong harapin, kausapin, intindihin, prangkahin.

Tara, usap tayo, ang sabi mo.
Gusto kitang makilala, ang nasa isip ko.

Malaman ang iyong mga hilig ,
Mga bagay na nagbibigay kilig,
Mga pangarap na gustong abutin,
Mga lugar na gustong explore-in

Ganyan sana tayo. Usapang matino.

Tara, magkita tayo. 

Mata sa mata. 

Hayaang mag-ugnayan ang ating mga puso.

Tara’t ating abangan saan ito patungo — pagkakaibigan o pag-iibigan.

Tara, halika, usap tayo.


I think I Do

27 Oct

The first time you said, “I love you”,  we were classmates and friends. My thought then, “Love is too big a word for teens like us.”

For many years, we continued to be friends, although apart, you let your presence be felt. 

When i first got my heart broken, you were there to catch me after that hard fall. 

I fell for you then, but the timing wasn’t right for you were committed. 

When you were finally single after 6 years, you said, “I love you” and over a bottle of vodka with friends i let you pursue.

But after a day, i discovered the feeling i once had for you, although fleeting, wasn’t there. I said “Stop now, let’s just still be friends.”

Then, life happened,.

I lost my father. You let me cry over your shoulder. 

You had another girlfriend while i got busy with my work.

After a year, i went back to our town, found a job and you became my brod. 

I let you in again in my life.

I was alone and you offered me you as companion.

I was sad but you make me glad.

You became my anchor.

Until i imagined you to be my harbor.

Until i think, i felt you and your message came across.

You really do love me and i think this time, “I do again.” 

Hey. You. (and Her)

21 Apr

Hey, you.

I am upset.

My friends keep bugging me why i am still single.

One of them even insinuated that its WRONG that i’m still single.

Now, THAT is wrong.

She says i’m not a risk taker.
She even thinks (i’m sure) that i’m a snub.
She was trying to convince me that i already met you and missed my chance of a great love story. With you.

That’s okay but I beg to DISAGREE with one.

I could be making mistakes but DON’T tell me i’m wrong because what i decide to do with my life is MY judgement ALONE.

She could give advis, es (unsolicited or not) but don’t JUDGE. That’s unwelcome.


This is my way of living. Of learning. Of loving.

I appreciate her concern, but this is still MY life.

Anyhow. She didn’t know. She wouldn’t know because i didn’t tell.

I took a risk. I gave a chance.
But those boys, they were not you.
So why prolong their agony? I admit, there were a few when i thought that was you but some thing tells me otherwise.

I kept thinking, “If i keep this man, we wouldn’t last long.”

But then, they ‘ll say, why not ‘just’ TRY so i could have an experience in relationships; to have a deeper understanding in men.

Well. For some, that might work. But not for me.


I would rather make mistakes with you. (I hope you’re not bothered by that.)

And learn with you.


I stayed single because they were not you.

At my age, some are engaged, married or even have kids already. But 24 is 24. And life continuous whatever your age.

Although, I’m missing you without even knowing you. Its okay.

The waiting is okay, because i have YOU to look forward to.

And YES, i am hopeless(-ly romantic). But this is my greater risk. To love YOU even without you. YET.