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Is This “IT”?

11 Sep

First things first, i am not in love with ‘this person’. 
Okay. Proceed.
When, before you fell asleep that night, ‘that person’ still lingers on your mind. 
When, before the night time, you were fighting over yourself about the concept of love. 
*By the way, it would be referred to ‘It’ by now. ‘Love’ is just too much. 
Again, proceed.
When, that morning, you heard from that person and suddenly your heart seems to be a grenade about to explode from your chest —
Then you start to realize something —- BUT you stop that thought and think…
‘It’ would never be enough. 
Then you torture yourself even more, you think that whatever it is you feel, its not ‘IT’. It’s just the idea of ‘IT’.


A Revelation.

3 Jan

I love you and I don’t know you.
I don’t know you as i should.
Distance had made its worse.
We’re bound together but apart.

Falls of tears i’ve cried.
Quakes my heart suffered a lot of times.
Things are never enough.
I didn’t know you could have this much power over me.
I didn’t know i could feel this hurt.

I thought i was weak.

I thought i was weak.
But i was wrong.
I am strong.
Because i am still here.

So go on.
Do your worse.
I am afraid no more.