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a living zombie

22 Nov

My soul weak. 
My fire diminished.
My bravado gone.
I am a living zombie.

What are my dreams?
When is my time?
Where is my destiny?
Who am I to be?
Why do I ask these?
How can i wake from this place i put myself into?

I have paused my life.
I am a living zombie.




hello?? anybody there? feel like im in limbo.

22 Jul

i am so clueless i don’t know what to write or where to start or what to do.

Before, being alone gives me peace, a solitude. i don’t see it as a door to being lonely, no. but today, or this past few months. being alone makes me lonely. or rather, feeling alone, makes me lonely.

i feel like i have no identity. who i am, what i want, hate, love,…need?

i’m irritable, i’m confused, i’m lost.

i’m tired. i’m lazy. i’m lacking the spirit. i’m wallowing in my sorrow, and self-pity.

oh, this is crazy. but i’m so lazy, i just can’t finish this blog. this is not the end of it, mind you.

i’ll get back to this, when i get meaning of what’s happening around and in me. okay!

i will find an answer. a salvation.

my work gives me no time for other things, or maybe i just let my job envelope me. or whatever.

too tired, too weak.

til next time, fellas.

i’ll get by.