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Patid. Patid.

13 Oct

Lumulusot-lusot lusot sa butas ng karayom.
-yom, yung tipong sa sikip-sikip parang magigiit-giit .
Liit at sikip-sikip ng daang di matuwid-tuwid.
Parang pawid sa bukid, di makatawid-tawid.
Tawid na sana para makapagpahatid – hatid ng pag-ibig na walang-patid.


Wishful Thinking

3 Aug

When late at night
I lie awake, unable to sleep
I find myself debate
Whether to read a book
Or be content in my nook
Stare at the ceiling
Or my window railing
Daydream about when i’m sailing
Looking over the sea
At peace, unafraid, calm as i can be
Or plan an escape of what’s to be
When i can finally be free
Free from the burdens i put myself
From the unbinding “responsibilities”,
Unworthy “fears”,
I led myself believe.

Oh how the world had fooled me,
How clever humans can be.
If only i could unlearn the things that don’t matter,
Be raised with all the means
To search for answers
Or maybe to simply quench my thirst
Of knowledge, of wisdom,
But mostly of love.

But, whatever.

I only want to roam the world
Carefree as i can be.

12:45am, august 4
(PS: this is one of those “random” acts you do when you least expect it. I just couldn’t sleep)