Need is an Enemy

11 May

At this moment, I’m seeing NEEDINESS as a bad guy that controls another human being. And CONSCIENCE is his ally. It strips you of FREEDOM and makes you sad. It makes you question, “Why are you for?”.

Because other people NEED you? And if you’re not?

When is being good a hindrance? Or does HELPING someone because they need you something that you should even question?

My CONSCIENCE says, its the way of life. Its a sin turning back on someone.

But what if by giving you’re losing a bit of your core?

But what if, you’re only thinking of this because of the person involved and not HELPING in general? Am I being bias, right now?

Oh, I think its giving when you’re not ready. That’s when it becomes a chaos within.

If it’s not wholehearted, it’s giving wasted.

If it’s not voluntary, you’ll feel USED and not FULFILLED.

See there, when you give away some, you get filled.

But right now, I’m not.

Hmm, where did it go wrong?


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