Life at 20s

13 Jan

Life at 20s is like a clock that stops ticking

It’s hoping you get the time to figure things out before it takes over

It’s dreaming that you stay younger but wiser

It’s believing it’s okay to wander, that you’ve got time to wonder

It’s learning you are not as capable as others

It’s doubting the goals you set to reach your dreams

Its promising the world they’d look for you on a google search (because, why not?)

It’s contradicting yourself because you second-guess

It’s exploring the world and comparing them to the books and lectures you have been told

It’s procrastinating while your mind plan a future

It’s a life you never want to end because it gives you hope

that mistakes may still be forgiven

that excuses might still be accepted

that you are still someone who can afford to fail and still be accepted

where the world is still lenient

And yet, the clock is never still…

It will be recharged and the hands will continue to move

Even then, time knows no bound

20s will be 30s, and so on…

Life goes on.


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