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Un/Conditional Love

27 Aug

Love is conditional. Well, it starts as it is.

But when deep IN LOVE, its love without condition. Well, its just the way it is.

Is Love a Noun that can  or wouldn’t be shifted into Verb?

25 Aug

They say, “Love moves in mysterious ways”.

But may I ask, does love just happens or does a person makes a conscious decision to start it?

If it does comes naturally, how does one know for sure?

With clarity, some would say, “take a risk” in love so you’d know.

So does that mean, love is not natural? That it need some ‘push’ to be realized?

If then, can love be controlled?

To whom? And ’til when? Or to simply not make it an option?

Is love a noun, only to describe a conscious feeling or decision? 

Or is love a verb, that acts as it is, where one would embrace it or not?

Kapag Nakialam ang Isip sa Puso

24 Aug

Tulirong damdaminHindi pwedeng kabigin

Nakakapagod isipin

Kailan ba pwedeng sabihin

Pero pag-ibig na nga ba

O feeling mo lang siya?

Pero diba’y pag-ibig ay damdamin?

Ano ba dapat ang iisipin?

Ano ang pagagalawin?

Ang pusong tila nagbubukas?

O ang isip na gustong umatras?

Nakakapraning kasi isipin

Kung ano dapat ang pairalin

Ang pusong sabik magmahal

O ang isipang ayaw magpasakal

Mahal mo na nga ba

O  nais mo lang ng kasama

Mahal mo na nga ba dahil sigaw ng puso

O mahal mo na kasi iyon ang gusto ng isipan mo?