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27 Mar

Not everything in life will be handed to you exactly how you envisioned it. They came tarnished, revised or totally different.

You wanted a promotion, you get fired.
You pray for your ideal man, you get a “usual” guy.
You hoped for a “yes”, you get a “no”.
You wish she acknowledges you, you are ignored.
It goes on…

But, hey.

Since people are occasionally in seek of a challenge or a thrill, you should accept this. Make the most out of it. The hard path is more likely your thing if this is the case.

But… No.

It would be hard because challenges or thrills or adventures are taken as travels of one place to another,
Or taken as exotic experiences may it be food or life threatening activities.

You see,

Adventures would be seen in a lighter and fulfilling way
If they are taken as journeys
from revolt to acceptance
Or from chaos to peace
Or from hatred to love.

These are more worthy of a risk.
These are more remembered by others.
These would likely be your salvation.
This is living.


Let’s take the real challenges, my friends. And “the” adventure of a lifetime.



16 Mar

When i was in College i realized this,
“The key to love is acceptance.”

When you have seen your love at their worst and knows every embarassing bits about the person, and you still accept him/her. You truly love this person.

Now that i’m outside the boundaries of my alumna, seen and met different kinds of people in different kinds of circumstances— i come back to “acceptance” with regards to where each of us came from, family, and how it affects our relationships.

“Acceptance is a make or a break in a relationship.”

I am hung up with the imperfections of my family and couldn’t muster accepting the circumstances of an overseas working mother and a dead father.

Its hard to embrace the changes and our differences, my mother and i, but i know, for our own sake, i must.

I know i love her, and that she loves me. But we have grown apart. How do you show your love?

We have some agreements but
Our words have different meanings when delivered
We choose different paths and
We both want to be heard

no one is relenting

Her — being the mother who sacrificed for her family
I — the daughter who was left behind

Both lived independently

I understand how it came to be like this but i am having a hard time accepting the consequence

But must i dwell on these facts? Or focus on my present?

Gates and Padlocks

16 Mar

Something about padlocks and gates that makes you think of
and maybe
the dreadful or hopeful “when”,
the sarcastic “again”,
the begging “no more”,
the irritating “not again”,
the romantic “key to my heart”…
Endless thoughts.

And this phrase with conflicting meanings:

“Make it last.”


to BE and not to BE

4 Mar

so how is this going to work?

how mature should i be?

here’s two things:

1. i get over the past, forget about it and ACT mature.

2. i tackle the past, make peace with it and BE mature?

these days, people want it all fast, instant.

no lingering, no dwelling and they do move on. but i doubt there’s no going back.

now, hear me.

i prefer the slow and hard way. i would want to choose that for myself.

i will be crying more, whining more… that’s how i want to recover.

they are immature acts, yes.

but it won’t stop there. i wouldn’t want it to stop there.

i will give it all; squeezed out all the tears, bring out all the negatives…

up to the point where i won’t be able to recognize the wrong things in my past

because there won’t be. i wouldn’t want it to be.

for every thing happens for a reason, right?

i believe that.

and when i’m ready.

i’ll be embracing today, my “present”.

then, maybe. hopefully. i’ll BE mature.