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My Plea to You

24 Feb

Hang on to me.

My dear…
You are important to me.
Awhile ago,
Or days ago,
Or remember that one time…
One day…

What you said made me feel good.
What you did made me feel great.
What you are… affects me.
YOU matter to me.

And i am sorry you don’t hear me say these.

But please hang on to me.

When i push you away, cling closely.
When i seem to ignore you, tease me.
When i’m not around, find me.
When i don’t speak, make me.

I know, i might be (or already) asking too much from you.

But, you see,
What you said
What you did
What you are…

Your actions that surprises me
Makes me feel so grateful
Or so cared for
Or so loved
Or so beautiful

That i’m lost at words
To express all these
Or how much that affects me
Or enlightened me
Or inspired me
Or strengthened me
That i don’t speak up

Thus, i say no words
Just look at you
And maybe turn around
And proceed to my day.

I may have left you
But my feelings for you stayed
You have brightened my day.
And my thoughts are with you
You have me felt belonged.

I love you
I appreciate you
I adore you
I miss you
I need you

Please hang on to me.


My Valentine

15 Feb

Back in high school,
And its a valentines day,
You get an excuse to be corny,
You show your love with chocolates and roses.

When teenagers like me get kilig over boys with their flowers and chocolates,
I think of you and your bilins,
“Books before boys”, says mama,
“Bawal ang boyfriend. Grumaduate ka muna.”, says you, papa.

Well, however you two say it,
I get it. No boys. Period.
Diploma muna.
But i do have a boy in my life.

On valentines day i go home,
But on this special day,
I would stop by my friend’s book rental shop–
Not to rent a book (well, yes, maybe),
But you see, my friend also sells roses on valentines day.
So i go there and buy one long-stem of rose.
A rose for this special boy in my life.

This boy, this amazing and adorable boy,
He knows my priorities.
While he makes sure i study well,
He does my laundry,
Cooks my food,
Gives me rides to school,
Surprises me when i commute home
And plays hide and seek with me.

Yes, we argue.
But hey, when food’s ready,
we’re okay.
The best kind of relationship. Ever.
Why bother with boyfriends?

When the girls at my school
Wait for the boys,
Get kilig with anticipation,
When boyfriend-girlfriend was a “thing”,
I was the girl with books as my shield,
With shyness as my charm.
And i was okay.

Because with that boy,
My standards became high.
I knew then i deserve the kind of love those boys at my age could not give.
I knew i won’t be able to give the kind of love i need in return at that young age.

So, i held on.
I stuck with my books.
I listened to “the boy”
I was okay.

So when boys those days
Buy roses for their crushes and honeys,
I buy one for the boy.
I give him a rose.

At some point,
To my surprise and much delight,
The boy would give me chocolates.
That special boy…

He was my best friend,
My clown, my foundation.
That boy is my father.
My valentine.