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A response to an Uncle’s gift.

5 Mar

“The more talent that a sports, business, or service team possesses, the greater potential it has– and the better its leader can be.” – Beyond Talent, John Maxwell

It was exactly like that yesterday, uncle. I had two reliable PAs that it has become better for me to do my job. It felt great. I had less leg work but more decisions to consider and see through. Over all, it wasn’t bad at all. I like seeing the team less stressed and more smiles.

In my early days as PA, there were lots of stressful moments, breaking points, and shed tears. I don’t want to experience that anymore. Less of that is “more” for me. I was able to deal with things more effectively than before and it helped a lot that i had my efficient team.

My superior was really helpful too. Telling me what should i now consider and this next quote from the book expressed what i had to struggle with.

“Intelligence, imagination, and knowledge are essential resources, but only effectiveness converts them into results.”

Great things are always in my mind and its hard for me to bring it out and see its full potential. It saddens me.

I also remember Malcolm Gladwell in his book, “Outliers”. He mentioned successful people didn’t depend solely on their talent. They had bountiful backgrounds they used to their advantage. Like, Bill Gates, i think, he practically grew up in a computer where computer was so exclusive still because he has the means to be close to it. When computer was still evolving, he was there to see it and even helped build it.

I may not be well endowed like Gates, but if i could just know and look at what i have now to use to my advantage and have a lot of guts to actually to it. I need all the guts i can in the industry i have now. If i dream of doing something, then maybe i could step up and ask for it… Things like that.

I’m trying to gather my wits to muster that. But for now, i’ll try to learn how to CAST well, and speak up if i want to be faring well and great at my present job.

I hope i’m still not confusing you, uncle. Hehe

Thanks so much po for the book!