He’s not just into you.

26 Aug

It’s a “long” drive back home.

After indulging myself with a movie and pasta… and coffee, cookies… Yum! I called it a day and decided to prolong my day-off by riding the long way.

When i was in college and used to riding the jeepney, my mind wonders and i get ideas of story plots, realizations, relationships…and sometimes dreams of a love story starring no other than–me.

You can’t blame me here, i’ve been very careful to whom i would involve myself, or been hoping and praying i would finally say, with much conviction, “I finally found him. He’s the one!”.

Well, so far, its just been fantasies or short-lived relationships in my mind. Experimenting on the idea of “what if he’s the one…” to a guy that gets my attention.

Just like today, i had a co-passenger on the jeep, a skaterboy/nerd looking guy and my mind wondered what if he’s the one again. I caught him looking a few times or was it just my imagination? And we even have the same stop which means we could be neighbors?! Wow, this is getting way out of hand. Am i really this desperate for my own love story to start? Poor me.

Its embarassing how i can think he could like me. But my logic always wins and dropped the idea. There could only be a one in a milliom or zillion chance i could end up with a stranger on a jeep now.

Anyway, maybe its because i just finished rereading the Twilight book (Edward! So perfect and very in love and heroic. Why does Stephanie Meyer have to invent his character? He threatened the potential of men for manifesting true/one/great love. And may as well minimized that chance of finding a man capable of that. He’s a perfect partner. And a vampire too, a fiction. You wish you’re in that book and will end up with him. [sorry, Bella]).

Oh! What happened next to that potential jeepney love story? Nothing. We separated ways, as usual.

Anyway, that’s it. Fantasy over! I still believe God has on His list of events my own great love story. Amen!

Back to reality. Day’s over.

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