To do’s

30 Jul

My list of things to do consists of 3 parts:
1. Yours
2. Them
3. Favors

And the “them” list continues to grow, and it demands more attention from “them”.

Oh, scared the job might not be done? Scared because it’s done second-hand. And i dislike ungrateful “them”.

And then, the “favors”. They’re the 2nd most restless. Afraid for their own “thems”, at their own risk.

Hey! My own to do list is much as important as yours are!

Whew! I might as well enjoy my tea as i wait for “them” to do something, again, for them. After all, i work for them.

Now, where’s the fun in that? You make them. You live it. You must survive, i must survive.

It is hard to contain your anger, disappointments. It is harder to still feel good, enthusiastic about your work with those triggered emotions.

But it is possible. So, why not try. In the end, it is still my life that get’s affected. This is still my story, i can’t let them win. I must. I should.

So, let the story unfold with my smile at the end of the page,eh?

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