The gift of love

14 Apr

I just watched The Vow, a movie that is inspired by true events.

It made me cry and was left at awe of how love motivates, inspires, and directs people by that great love. How selfless, all-giving a person can be just to make their love ones truly happy. How understanding we can be, how compassionate, patient, forgiving and oh giving without expecting anything in return. Just the gift of loving is enough to make us unregretful, thankful and hopeful in this life, how chaotic it may be.

I am overwhelmed by this gift God gave to us humans, so imperfect but was molded with so much potential of experiencing that profound love.

I look forward to the love God intends me to have. Thank you, God.

One Response to “The gift of love”

  1. oneanna65 April 29, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

    Thank you ! You are great !

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